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Party time!? :)

Posted by piggieoniers
MY new spaceboard the best hoverboard in the world!
MY new spaceboard the best hoverboard in the world!

Finally the day we've all been waiting for is here! MY wish come true. Haha

I had wished for one thing because it was quite expensive but I did get some smaller presents too. But most of all I got what I wanted! My new hoverboard, and not only a new hoverboard, the best hoverboard, here!

It's called the Spaceboard and even though I do not feel to secure upon it yet it has a crazy speed. 17 mph so it's gona be a delight going to school form now on. Haha, can't wait to see everyones faces when I come riding through the herd in. Going to be amazingly fun. Now I hope all of us gets one soon so we can go out riding together because that would be so much fun!

Anyway here it is!

Anyone jealous?

I know I was Before I got mine. It's pretty tricky to get the hang of, everone has been riding it at the party and some are well lets just say some are better than others. :) No names.

Couldn't be happier with my new present, thanks mom & dad you are awesome!

See ya'll tomorrow in school!

BTW Deidra fell on her bottom! Hilarious thats all I have to say about that... Wish we ´would have gotten that on tape would have been so great!

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